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Other Regulated Materials Labels

Comply with codes and regulations for shipping Other Regulated Materials with these labels!

Labels for Other Hazardous Regulated Materials

There are a lot of regulations to follow when shipping and transporting substances and materials. These Other Regulated Materials labels help you to stay compliant with codes and make sure that your shipments arrive safely to their destinations. Some common products that require these labels are aerosol, charcoal, lighters, perfumes, and soldering flux. This is because all of these materials can potentially be hazardous if they are not handled properly.

These labels meet the requirements for Other Regulated Materials, 49 CFR 172.316. The ORM-D-AIR labels meet the requirements of Restricted Articles Tariff 6-D. RQ labels can be used to comply with 49 CFR 173. 324.

All of these labels are printed on paper with paper labels with permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back. They are packaged in rolls of 500 and sold in quantities of 1000 unless otherwise specified.