Sticker Colors

Individual monitor settings such as brightness, contrast, frequency, temperature, etc. will affect color accuracy. This means that colors on your monitor will always look somewhat different than the final piece. In an effort to bypass this we have included the Pantone colors that best represent our colored vinyl and printed colors.

Standard Vinyl Colors

White PMS White
Black PMS Black
Matte Black
Sky Blue PMS 2389 C
Blue PMS 541 C
Midnight Blue PMS 281 C
Brown PMS 4975 C
Beige PMS 468 C
Green PMS 348 C
Teal PMS 321 C
Mint Green PMS 3258 C
Forest Green PMS 3308 C
Lime Green PMS 369 C
Grey PMS 430 C
Orange PMS 1505 C
Hot Pink PMS 214 C
Pink PMS 204 C
Lavendar PMS 257 C
Purple PMS 273 C
Red PMS 200 C
Burgandy PMS 7421 C
Silver (Metallic)
Copper (Metallic)
Gold (Metallic)
Yellow PMS 108 C

Holographic, Glitter, and Specialty Vinyl

Black Glitter
Blue Glitter
Brushed Gold
Brushed Silver
Silver Carbon Fiber
Gold Small Engine Turn
Silver Small Engine Turn
Florescent Orange
Florescent Pink
Florescent Yellow
Holographic Glitter
Holographic Gold Glitter
Holographic Gunmetal Glitter
Holographic Pink Glitter
Holographic Teal Glitter
Gold Leaf
Silver Leaf
Pink Glitter
Purple Glitter
Red Glitter
Silver Glitter
Gold Glitter
Etched Glass
White Glitter

Camouflage Transfer Vinyl

green camo
desert camo
pink camo
blue camo