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About Stickers Stickers

About Us - Our Commitment

Our Commitment

At Stickers Stickers - we believe that marketing matters. That brand is king. We spent years building the business with a commitment to excellence. We help companies of all types create the marketing solutions they need to take their business to the next level. We are powered by a team of passionate employees who embrace creativity, product quality, best in class service and industry-leading technology and innovation. We pride ourselves in using the highest quality equipment and source material the industry has to offer - all proudly made in the USA!

Why Stickers Stickers

Stickers Stickers is a Bend, Oregon based company founded in 2016 and proud to be a “Made In Oregon” brand. We are a leading business-to-business supplier with a passion for offering a wide variety of creative marketing solutions that foster the promotion and growth of brands. As we celebrate our 5th Year Anniversary of business - we remain on a constant quest to dream up, source, and deliver innovative products that give businesses the competitive edge they need to succeed. This means we are always inventing new offerings to address real-time marketing solutions that stick!

Wholesale Pricing - Your “One Stop Shop” Solution

With a wholesale discount of 40% - the Stickers Stickers price value equation is one of the best in the industry. We offer competitive pricing across all product offerings and are always happy to negotiate pricing to become a valuable partner to our customers. And - by offering a wide range of products - we are the best “One Stop Shop” in the industry. Afterall - a single production solution versus juggling multiple vendors saves time and money. What a perfect combo!

Solutions for Distributors and Brokers

Stickers Stickers makes life easy for channel partners like Brokers and Distributors. We supply “Client Safe” marketing communication tools that allow for pitches to B2B customers across any vertical market or product category. This equals increased revenue for any distributor with just a few simple clicks. We know time is money and we are here to help save time and help you make more money!

Direct Selling Channel

Although we support Distributors, Brokers and other channel partners - we also offer the best pricing, quality and service the industry has to offer to our direct customers. Our goal is to over deliver and create strong ongoing relationships with customers. Being a valued marketing partner to businesses of all types is something we are very passionate about. We’ve got you!

Proprietary Technology

We spent years building our own state of the art e-commerce platform that allows our customers the maximum flexibility to create custom branded marketing solutions to promote their brand. This means you can easily customize any product and order in any size or quantity you need. We are technology geeks and proud of it!

About Us - Quality Products

Premium Quality Products

Whether it’s Parking permits, custom brand stickers, signage, decals, magnets or promotional items - our commitment to quality is our top priority. No corners are cut. No shortcuts taken. Our Quality Control Team inspects each product before it goes out the door. If they are not satisfied - we keep dialing things in until we get it just right. Our investment in state of the art digital printers and e-commerce technology innovation is second to none. And we are proudly a made in the USA company ensuring our products lead the industry in quality. That’s a win win!

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Fast Turnaround & On Time Delivery

At Stickers Stickers - you never have to sacrifice print quality for speed. We value your time and know all too well that time is money. Wasting time is not an option. Our website is updated daily with our current production timelines allowing each customer to know how long their order will take even before it’s placed. We offer a variety of shipping methods as well as a rush service to make sure deadlines are met. We work diligently to make sure every order we receive is completed on time and on budget. Now that’s a perfect surprise and delight combo for each customer!

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About Us - Customer Service

Best In Class Service

Stickers Stickers is passionate about exceeding your expectations throughout the order process. Our diligent Relationship Managers are relentlessly focused on customer success. We have an exemplary Customer Service team that can instantly address any issue with a simple phone call, email, live chat, or in person at our production facility in Bend, Oregon. Our high touch service model is there to work with you every step of the way to make sure we exceed expectations on every project. We aim to please and prove it day in and day out!

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