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Hot & Cold Labels

Hot and Cold labels will help to ensure that your temperature-sensitive packages are handled properly while in transit! They are easy to use and easy to store in your workspaces because they are all on a roll.

Hot or Cold Roll Labels For Temperature-Sensitive Shipments

Make sure that your temperature-sensitive shipments are handled properly by labeling them with hot and cold labels! You don't want to risk your items being spoiled, getting ruined, or falling apart because they did not maintain the correct temperature in transit. These labels will signal the handler that they must remain cold or hot. They have bold lettering and bright colors that are extremely attention-grabbing! They will not be missed!

The hot and cold labels are paper labels with permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back. They are all packaged in rolls of 500 and sold in quantities of 1000 unless otherwise specified. Since they are on a roll they are easy to have on your shipping counter and will keep things moving efficiently in your warehouse because they are easy to peel off of the roll. Don't skip this step and risk your items becoming damaged in transit.