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Glass Caution Warning Labels

Label your shipments with glass shipping labels to ensure that your packages and shipments are handled properly! You don't want to risk your fragile glass items breaking in transit due to mishandling. These bright and bold labels will help communicate to your shippers, receivers, and handlers that a glass item is in this package! All labels are sold by the roll.

Glass Labels and Stickers

Easily label your shipments and packages with these glass labels! They will make it clear to anyone handling your packages that there is glass in the package and remind them to handle it with extra care. These labels have bold wording and bright colors to ensure that they will grab the attention of handlers and shippers. You can even choose some fluorescent-colored labels.

The glass shipping labels are all paper labels with permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back. They are all packaged in rolls of 500 and sold in quantities of 1000 unless otherwise specified. Since they are on a roll they are easy to have on your shipping counter and will keep things moving efficiently in your warehouse because they are easy to peel off of the roll. Don't skip this step and risk your items becoming damaged in transit.