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Battery Labels

Use these battery labels to stay compliant with airlines, trucking companies, vessels, and general shipping requirements when shipping batteries.

Battery Labels and Stickers

Nowadays, lithium batteries are widely used in many battery-powered electronic devices. Transportation services and general shipping require that these lithium battery-type products be clearly labeled. We offer two different types of labels to suit your battery needs. First, we offer Class 9 Miscellaneous dangerous goods labels (meant for lithium batteries). This is per the DGR classification. Second, we offer labels for when a lithium battery is inside a piece of equipment or packed separately with a piece of equipment to power that equipment.

Battery labels are all paper labels with permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back. They are all packaged in rolls of 500 and sold in quantities of 1000 unless otherwise specified. Since they are on a roll they are easy to have on your shipping counter and will keep things moving efficiently in your warehouse because they are easy to peel off of the roll. Stay compliant with battery transportation regulations with these easily applied labels!