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Compliance and Right to Know Labels

Comply with codes and regulations for shipping hazardous materials by labeling your shipments with these Right to Know warning labels.

Right To Know Stickers & Labels

The Hazard Communication Standard specifically mandates that all containers of hazardous material be labeled with an appropriate warning. These warning labels must convey enough information to tell the user the name of the chemical, the name, and address of the manufacturer, the type of hazard that exists, how to properly handle the chemical or type of equipment necessary, and the possible specific damage (i.e. lung damage). These labels will keep you compliant with the Hazard Communication Standard!

The most popular label systems use a number rating and color coding for the three areas of HEALTH (blue), FLAMMABILITY (red), REACTIVITY (yellow), and an ALPHABETICAL rating for the type of proper equipment to use. The HMIS labels utilize this popular system. In addition, the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) labels use the standard coding system for those involved in fire prevention and control. This system used color-coded hazard areas: FIRE (red), INSTABILITY (yellow), SPECIFIC (White), and HEALTH (blue). These labels are useful when identifying materials that have a fire hazard that is not readily apparent.

All of these labels are packaged on rolls of 500 and sold in quantities of 1000. They are paper labels with permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. Some of them are also available in vinyl.