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Kiss Cut Stickers

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Elevate your sticker game with our Kiss Cut Stickers—perfect for intricate designs! These stickers, essentially die-cut and placed on a square backing, come with complimentary matte or gloss lamination. Enjoy their weatherproof and scratch-resistant features, and rest easy knowing they'll last up to 5 years. Whether you upload your existing design or create one online, we'll seamlessly add a 0.25" square backing for that finishing touch.

School Kiss Cut Stickers on Laptop
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School Kiss Cut Stickers on Laptop
Kiss Cut Stickers For Coffee Shop Branding
Kiss Cut Stickers For Freestyle Skate Shop
Yosemite Kiss Cut Stickers
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Kiss Cut Stickers

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About The Kiss Cut Stickers

Discover the ultimate in versatility and durability with our Kiss Cut Stickers. These stickers, adorned with free gloss or matte lamination, are a testament to quality and craftsmanship. Imprinted in full color on resilient white vinyl, each sticker is accompanied by a square backing that delicately frames the design.

The magic of kiss cut stickers lies in their unique production process. Using precision blades, the stickers are delicately cut around the edges, preserving the paper backing and ensuring effortless peeling. Both kiss cut and die cut stickers share the same high-quality white vinyl and digital printing, but the finishing touches set them apart.

Imagine peeling a die cut and kiss cut sticker of the same design—both reveal an identical image. The distinction lies in the finishing; a die-cut sticker exposes only the custom shape and design, while a kiss cut sticker features a light cut around the edges and a square cut through the backing, allowing for easy separation from the backing.

Embrace the opportunity to showcase your creativity with our custom stickers, available at wholesale prices that stand among the most competitive in the industry. Crafted from top-notch materials, these stickers are weatherproof for outdoor use and boast easy application and residue-free removal. Elevate your personal or business expression with our enduring and high-quality kiss cut stickers.

Kiss Cut Stickers

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the "lamination" layer?


Lamination is an optional extra layer applied to the top of printed stickers that is scratch and acid-rain resistant and will increase the lifespan of your sticker by 1-3 years. It offers a high level of UV protection and protects the sticker from moisture and abrasion. Lamination will also alter the finish of the sticker, making it either glossy or matte in appearance.


What's the best way to apply my stickers?


We have a comprehensive set of instructions on our Applications Instructions page and a set of these instructions will be mailed with each sticker order. Stickers should be applied to the outside of the car.


What is Your Sizing/Resizing Policy?


On the occasion that a customer’s design does not match the dimensions of the sticker ordered, our policy is to adjust the dimensions of the sticker to match the dimensions of the design. For example, if a customer uploads a 10”x5” design, but orders a 10”x10” sticker, we will make the sticker as a 10”x5” and refund the difference. We will not stretch or distort your design.

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