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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Stickers and Decals

Please use these stickers as a proactive way to encourage others to use healthy habits and prevent the spreading of COVID19 and other germs. Ideal for use in the workplace, public areas, churches, and at home. Stay healthy and flatten the curve.

Social Distancing Floor Decals

Stop the spread in your place of business with physical distancing floor stickers. Visit Stickers Stickers' website to shop our safety floor decals today!

Social Distancing Table Stickers

Limiting seating is no fun - but now it's required. Make it easy for your guests to follow these new rules by using friendly table stickers that make you compliant. Our customization design tool allows you to take our simple templates and have some fun with text and branding.

Custom Open A-Frame Signs

A-frame sign boards are portable, heavy-duty signage that can be used both inside and outside. Create your custom sandwich board online at our website!

Custom Take Out and Delivery Banners

Advertise that you offer curbside services with take out and delivery banners. Visit our website to view our customizable banners and keep business booming!

Custom Hand Sanitizer Stickers

With constant hand sanitization being the new normal - have some fun encouraging everyone to get on board. Create custom stickers with playful messages or use our templates and easily swap out your brand colors, then just place the stickers on dispensers you purchase.